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Stevenson & McNamara Lawyers believe that every person has the right to access reasonable priced legal representation. This is why, here at Stevenson & McNamara we believe that every person should know the costs associated with their legal matter.

Urgent Appointment

These appointment are reserved for client who require urgent legal advice or representation. These appointments are usually done after hours and such attract a high fee. These appointments are designed to give the client urgent legal advice/representation.

Our firm considers the following matters to be urgent matters;

– Child or Children have been removed by the other parent/grandparent.
– Court the next morning or the following day.
– Filing of an Urgent Recovery Order

The fee for these appointments can range between $220 and $350 depending on the solicitor’s workload. These appointment can be booked with a minimum of 3 hours notice.


These are appointments are booked a few days prior. The Consultation can range in time but usually go for about 1 hour. The consultation can include drafting of letters, conferences as well as any other matters that concern the legal matter.

The Consultation varies in price and depends on the practitioner and the are of law. Please contact our office to obtain a more detailed price estimate.

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